Tozzi Green is a company specialized in products, services and projects for the development of plants and the generation of energy from renewable sources.


We design, produce and market products for electric power distribution and small wind turbines.


Tozzi Green operates in the energy sector in Italy and abroad, offering its services as EPC and O&M contractor for renewable energy production plants (RES):

Tozzi Green designs energy storage systems to overcome the difficulties arising from discontinuity in renewable sources and therefore the inability to programme their energy production.
These systems are useful in developing countries involved in rural electrification.

As one of the major industrial concerns operating in the renewable energy sector, Tozzi Green has a production plant and a number of top-flight research and development laboratories..


Research and development, innovative ideas and solutions that look to the future are the key features of Tozzi Green.
Tozzi Green has started a number of research projects for the distributed generation of renewable energy: from third generation photovoltaic cells for applications in sustainable green building to the use of hydrogen for storing and producing energy.