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Experience and excellence

Tozzi Nord srl is the Tozzi Green company specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of small wind turbine generators.

  • The first Italian company to have developed and perfected small wind technology, after more than 10 years of research and development in collaboration with a number of universities and research centres both in Italy and abroad.
  • The first Italian company to have exported small wind technology worldwide.
  • The first Italian company to obtain certification of its 10 kW wind turbine for the UK market.


Total operating hours


Total energy produced

41461 MWh

CO2 avoided

19486 KgCO2

Consolidated experience in the field, wide-ranging know how across strategic disciplines (aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, programming, control electronics) and in-depth knowledge of wind as a resource



All the power of a maxi turbine

All Tozzi Nord wind turbines have aerodynamic and mechanical features borrowed from maxi wind technology, such as active pitch and yaw control, to maximize wind harvesting and energy production under all operating conditions, including low wind.

High performance even with low wind conditions

The efficiency of the Tozzi Nord innovation lies in the special “geometry” of the blades, which are entirely “made in Italy”.

The main difference in the blades of the Victory family is in their tip, which is designed to optimise energy harvesting based on their diameter. This makes it possible to be sure that the entire blade in all its parts from root to tip actively contributes to the harvesting of the wind, thus optimising energy production. This is a major point of difference from wind turbines of the same output from other manufacturers, which are fitted with extenders. These are inactive components made of metal that are fitted between the hub and the blade and that play no active part in harvesting the wind.

  • Greater Energy production compared with stall controlled turbines (no pitch control) of the same rating and rotor diameter: active pitch control wind turbines can generate the maximum power in all wind conditions in which the available resource permits (between Vrated and Vcut-out); stall controlled turbines reach their rated power in only one specific wind condition.
  • Greater safety thanks to the ability to move the blade into the parking position in high wind conditions.
  • Lower loads on the blades, tower and foundation in extreme winds due to the possibility of minimizing the blade resistant section; in stall controlled turbines, the position of the blades is fixed and therefore they always offer the highest resistant area to the wind.

Comparison of the power curve of a Tozzi Nord turbine with active pitch control and that of a turbine with the same power rating with stalled pitch control

  • This ensures a better alignment of the turbine to the wind compared with an up-wind turbine with a rudder, thus maximising energy harvesting.
  • It enables the rotor to intercept an airflow that is not disturbed by the nacelle or the tower, unlike a down-wind turbine.
  • Better management of the applied torque.
  • Ability to vary the rotor’s rotation speed in order to maintain the optimal aerodynamics until the rated power has been reached (full-variable turbine).
  • Optimisation of the generator’s operation (unit power factor) and greater conversion efficiency even in intermediate operating conditions.



  • From 2006 to 2010 Tozzi Nord carries out research and development activities with the aim of developing and prototyping innovative wind turbines for the widespread generation of power
  • In 2011 it begins manufacturing and marketing a standard line
  • In 2012 the TN535 is the first Italian product to obtain certification of its power curve, becoming the benchmark product for the sector in the 10-30 kW segment. The TN535 then becomes an international product, obtaining MCS certification for the British market
  • In November 2013 Tozzi Nord launches its 60 kW mini wind turbine: Victory
  • During 2014, Victory obtains the certification of its power and acoustic curve and its sales begin in the British market
  • In 2016 Tozzi Nord is the market leader for mini wind turbines in Italy and launches a new product, Victory 20 (20 kW)
  • In 2017 Tozzi Green, with the strength of its well-established products, broadens its horizons to Japan: new Class NK certification for the TN535 wind turbine for the Japanese market
  • 2017: Class NK certification in progress for the Victory 20

Ability to innovate

Tozzi Nord’s technology is well-established, but at the same time it is in a state of continuous development.
Our research based on the positive results already achieved never stops. We are constantly striving to improve the performance of our turbines and to satisfy fully the demands of our clients in absolute safety. This perspective requires us constantly to be searching for new solutions.

That is why we have fitted the Victory 60 with a new circular tower with an internal ladder.
This is an important new development that makes maintenance work easier and quicker because it enables technical personnel to work in total safety even in inclement weather conditions (gusts of wind and rain).

For areas that experience extreme weather conditions such as typhoons and tornadoes (e.g. Japan), we have built the TN535 with a tilting tower.

  • protection of the wind turbine from hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes
  • the ability to raise and lower the wind turbine without the need for heavy lifting equipment
  • safe performance of maintenance on the wind turbine at ground level


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