Tozzi Electrical Equipment offers a complete service for:

Assistance with commissioning

Qualified personnel offer their skills and knowledge of the product to help the client during installation and commissioning of medium and low voltage panels belonging to various product ranges available in the Tozzi Electrical Equipment portfolio.

Scheduled maintenance of low and medium voltage electrical panels

Teams of expert technicians are available to plan and carry out routine and special maintenance on low and medium voltage systems, maintaining optimal functioning and safety of the equipment from Tozzi Electrical Equipment while it is operative.

After-sales service

Thanks to specialists in providing support in the field and dedicated spare parts service, Tozzi Electrical Equipment is able to offer a flexible effective after-sales service, ensuring that the client has constant assistance after putting the equipment into service.

Training in the use and maintenance of the products of Tozzi Electrical Equipment

Tozzi Electrical Equipment offers its clients a specific training plan for each product line for the purpose of transferring the skills necessary for maintenance and use of the equipment in its product range in complete safety.

Training after granting technical licences of Tozzi Electrical Equipment

Tozzi Electrical Equipment is particularly mindful as regards the development of partnerships through the transfer of its know-how and for this reason it has organised specific training sessions for its licensees in order to give them full technical mastery of the products and enable them to develop their own special abilities and increase their effectiveness in the target market.

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