Right from its founding, Tozzi Green has invested in various research projects on the distributed generation of renewable energy.


Diversity in the areas of expertise and training of the researchers, the variety of prototypes produced and the technology developed over more than 10 years of business showcase Tozzi Green’s multidisciplinary approach and represent its strengths.
Tozzi Green is able to develop skills throughout the entire production chain: from construction materials to knowledge of devices and know-how concerning the entire integrated system.
There are more than 200m2 of equipped chemical laboratories (with Ar, H2, N2, compressed air, vacuum, refrigerated and demineralised H2), 80m2 of class ISO7 clean rooms e un electron microscope laboratory, in the top-flight facilities of Tozzi Green.

Tozzi Green is working in the following research areas:

  • Materials and processes for semitransparent solar modules with DSSC type dye-sensitized solar and electrochromic cells for sustainable green building
  • Electrochemical energy storage systems
  • Hydrogen vehicles for sustainable mobility
  • Exploitation of agricultural and biological products and by-products

Experience in the fields of inorganic and organic materials, electrochemistry, the development of devices and the design and engineering of electronic, electrical and mechanical systems has enabled the R&D department to develop specific flexible know-how for the study of products and technology to satisfy clients’ needs.

Tozzi Green provides the following services:

  • Development of chemical and/or physical processes in the energy field.
  • Characterisation of commercial reference products and physical, chemical and mechanical properties.
  • Formulation studies which entail the development of inorganic metal oxide synthesis (glass frits, semiconductors, catalysts, etc.) and the preparation of organic silk screen pastes.
  • Development of electrical, electronic (HW and SW) and mechanical systems based on various types of technology such as:
    • Energy storage systems;
    • Power control systems;
    • Hydrogen fuelled systems;
    • Energy production from renewable sources;
    • Sustainable mobility networks;
  • Exploitation of intellectual property: earlier patent searches (new patents, validity, clearance)
  • Management of financed research: development of innovation programmes, drafting and presentation of proposals in regional, national or European contexts.
In the photo: prototype solar cell sensitized with colourant, a technology developed mainly for BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics), such as smart façades or windows.