We Ligth up the world in green” is the title of our Sustainability Report, in which we want to tell the story of our company in the world, measuring the environmental, economic and social impacts of its various activities, using the sustainability reporting parameters,the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, which are the guidelines for measuring and communicating the impact that any activity can have on the various dimensions of sustainability. For Tozzi Green, its relationships with communities, development and growth are the cardinal points of action. The term “sustainability” is not merely an “obligation” to be fulfilled before our stakeholders and planetEarth, butis an integral part ofthe company culture, its business management and its relationship with people, employees, internal and external associates and institutions of all levels, in Italy and abroad”.

Group Highlights in 2019

144,8 mln€

Revenues from normal operations


82,4 mln€

Amount paid to suppliers

8 mln€

Income taxes

217.025 kit

SHS (Solar Home Systems)
installed at 31.01.2020

57,0 mln€


44,5 mln€

Added Value distributed to stakeholders

9,5 mln€

Remuneration of staff

10 plants

3 wind/2 hydroelectric/4 photovoltaic/1 biogas+19 small wind plants

120,5 MW

Total installed capacity

152.736 ton.

CO2 avoided


Number of employees

290.516 MWh

Energy produced


616 MW

Capacity under management


Training hours provided