Business Integrity Forum


TTozzi Green has decided to join the Business Integrity Forum promoted by Transparency International Italia and therefore has adopted the Charter of Ethical Principles for small and medium-sized companies.
“The Charter of Ethical Principles is the voluntary declaration of the company, which subscribes to these principles in its business practice in order to contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of transparency, integrity and trust for the activities carried out within and outside its organisation.”


Policy and Reporting system


Tozzi Green has set up a whistleblowing system, as part of its internal control activities for the purpose of preventing offences.
This system can be used by employees, collaborators of various kinds, business partners and suppliers in order to report situations, requests or schemes not in line with the principles laid down in the Code of Ethics and the Charter of Ethical Principles.
Reports, which are handled as described further below, should be sent to: 


What kind of information must a report contain?
A report, even if anonymous, is not like a report to the police and must be described sufficiently in detail and based on evidence acquired directly by the reporting person, in order to allow the Company Supervisory Body to perform an adequate control activity.


Is it possible to report anonymously?
Yes, if the reports give as much detail as possible (they won’t be considered if precise information is not provided).


What protection is afforded the person who has been reported?
No disciplinary action will be taken against the reported person solely on the basis of the report. Any disciplinary action against the reported person will be taken only in the event of an overt violation of the Company Organisation, Management and Control model.
Download the Report Format here and send it to .