the operation and maintenance

The maintenance and running of a plant are fundamentally important aspects for ensuring optimal operation and maximum efficiency.

Tozzi Green offers a complete O&M service for small and large renewable energy plants, consisting of:

  • routine maintenance
  • special maintenance for restoration and start up
  • remote monitoring and operation
  • full service maintenance

The maintenance services are provided for a large range of plants powered by renewable energy resources:

  • phtovoltaic
  • hydroelectric
  • small wind turbines
  • biogas

The O&M service packages are modular and can be adapted to the client’s requirements.
O&M activities can be subdivided into three macro areas:

Routine maintenance:

  • general assessment of the plant (e.g. types of modules, angle of inclination, distances)
  • inspection of the electrical and mechanical part of the plant
  • maintenance of green areas in ground installations
  • cleaning of photovoltaic modules with purpose built machinery
  • verification of producibility
  • maintenance work reports

Special maintenance:

  • emergency response in the event of breakdown or malfunction
  • restoration of operation
  • performance checking
  • compliance with regulations
  • thermographic analysis
  • maintenance work reports


  • implementation of monitoring systems for new and already existing plants
  • remote control of the plant
  • performance verification in real time
  • monthly reporting

The Full Service includes all the activities described above plus access to spare parts.

Tozzi Green provides the client with a complete O&M service to protect and maximise its investment, ensuring:

  • greater efficiency and yields: effective routine maintenance, prompt special maintenance and correct monitoring make it possible to maintain the required functional performance
  • possibility of extending the working life of the plant beyond what is normally offered by typical guarantees of product suppliers
  • cost reduction: customised routine maintenance and efficient management of the administrative procedures make substantial savings on running costs
  • peace of mind: full service monitoring and consequent emergency response give the client absolute peace of mind in technical and administrative management


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