Running and cycling, business metaphors

Some go to the locker room, change, and use the lunch break to run. Others meet to arrange a training plan that will enable them to face the legendary “Nove Colli” race along the fascinating path of the Apennines of Romagna. At 12.30pm, the main entrance of Tozzi Green becomes a crossroads of intertwining cultures and personal stories. There are few cars passing through the entrance barrier. The offices are occupied by people who come every day from all over the Region. They are joined by professionals who meet in Mezzano to take stock of the projects in progress in Italy and the rest of the world. What can be seen from the entrance in Via Brigata Ebraica is not frenetic activity, but a constant, dynamic exchange of people and ideas. The new and the old generations, though distinguishable by the colour of their hair, “contaminate” each other by establishing an ongoing discussion centred on their different skills and knowledge. No less lively are the goings on that move within the building, where on the ground floor those who do not do sport gather in a little 40 seat restaurant. After all, sharing a meal has a natural bonding effect. Through the art of good cooking, synergies, dialogues and friendships are consolidated. Drawing closer you may hear technical discussions or playful conversations and laughter. After the ritual coffee, the corridors are re-peopled and the offices once again buzz with human endeavour. Once more it is a meeting point of different personalities that dominate the scene. In the vicinity of the meeting rooms, you can hear conference calls with colleagues who could be working at a seven-hour time difference from Mezzano or just fifteen kilometres away. There are so many different and diverse fields of interest that are discussed every day in the Mezzano headquarters that it may even be hard to understand with a certainty beyond doubt exactly what the core business is. With good poetic translation, it could be argued that Tozzi Green is a company that has decided to address the complexity of sustainable development, environmental protection and technological innovation, operating within a unitary idea where the natural forces of the wind, the sun, the water and the earth will be the major focus of investment and intelligence. Renewable Energies, Agriculture and Research are like the pieces of a mosaic which are going to redraw the future of the world. And yet this paraphrase is not enough to give substance and sense to a company that started its entrepreneurial adventure in the middle of the last century and is now ploughing through the seas of international development, from the agro-energy enterprise in Madagascar to rural electrification in Peru. An enterprise that sees men and women travelling around the world, without forgetting the many activities that have never left our Country, such as the production of small size wind turbines made entirely in Italy, up to the design, manufacture and sale of electrical panels at the Foggia plant. It is not a frantic and hectic movement that characterises the company in Mezzano, but an industrious motion capable of addressing the changes and mutations of the globalized world. A rhythmic, fast, harmonious performance just like the one that characterises the movement of the runners in the lunch break. A symbiosis similar to that which distinguishes the dynamics of cycling, where humans and machines work together to give birth to one of the most efficient and productive of human activities.  

Fabio Cavallari