The Siculiana wind farm enters into service

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Tozzi Green has completed the construction activities with the connection to the electricity grid of the wind farm located in the municipality of Siculiana (AG), C.da Scorsonara.
The plant consists of 6 GE-120 2.75 MW Hhub 85m wind turbines, for a total rating of 16.5 MW. The entire farm will have a net annual production of over 38,000 MWh / year.
In order to connect the wind power plant to the NTG (National Transmission Grid), it was necessary to construct a new Terna 150kV Electric Substation.
Tozzi Green took care of the whole authorization process of the plant and the connection works to the NTG. For the realization of civil works, local enterprises have been employed, mainly in the province of Agrigento and neighbouring.