Tozzi Green is one of the major players in the energy production market, with a history written by three generations of the Tozzi family.


A pioneering company in the production of renewable energy, Tozzi Green set down its roots in the early nineteen hundreds in Casola Valsenio, in the Italian region of Romagna, where the Tozzi family, in its capacity as an operator of a small hydroelectric plant which satisfied the power requirements of the entire town, could be called a genuine forerunner and precursor of the green economy.

The Tozzi family decided to focus on renewable energy in the early nineteen nineties after the liberalisation of the electricity market in Italy. Convinced of the future of eco-sustainability and inspired at the same time by the renewable energy sector, which was already rooted in the family history, the determination of Franco and Andrea Tozzi during the nineteen nineties gave substance to the family business which became increasingly oriented toward technological innovation leading to an exponential growth in company business and progressive conquest of a large portion of the market.

Even today Tozzi Green is still made up of people who work together with enthusiasm, determination and the ever present desire to achieve new goals and increasingly ambitious objectives.

A team of determined, close-knit professionals that work toward obtaining concrete results.

A stable healthy company with an effective consolidated business model.
A history built on tangible results, precision and professionalism

Our people

The Company is a complex organisation which depends on its human resources, their work and commitment. The sole basic factor underlying the success of the business is the HUMAN resource, knowing that the “No people, no business” principle applies: without the “right” people it is impossible to be competitive.

The lifeblood of the company is found in motivated personnel who feel that the Company is theirs and who, for the common good, contribute to solving critical problems with their ideas every day. The task of the management is to watch over and safeguard the company’s Mission.

Work with us

Our human resources management system is constantly occupied with selecting competent and results-oriented personnel, in line with the needs that arise in the various sectors.

The mix of junior and senior professionals leads to an encounter between audacity and different views with the experience of those who pilot the route of the company. This union also represents well the complementary nature of the two generations of owners, the chairman and managing director.

There are 575 people in the company with an average age of 40.
About 50% of our human resources have a diploma or degree, with a considerable majority of professional technical and engineering personnel.
Our aim is to create the correct environment which transfers concepts of common growth based on merit.
We want the people who work with us to feel a part of our team