JTF Madagascar SARL, a subsidiary of Tozzi Green to be financed by DFI Finnfund and BIO: “Focus on sustainable agriculture”

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The company JTF Madagascar SARL was established by the Italian renewable energy company Tozzi Green SpA in 2010 and is specialized in sustainable agriculture activities such as food crops and essential oils. Tozzi Green practices large-scale agriculture in Madagascar on an area of about 7,000 ha total, where it mainly cultivates corn and soybeans for the local market, in addition, geranium bourbon and other aromatic plants that are extracted for essential oil production for export. The company operates in the South West of Madagascar in the Ihorombe Region about 660 km from Antananarivo. The farms are not connected to the grid and run on wind and solar energy, meeting the need for sustainable rural electrification in the region. Using innovative and sustainable techniques, Tozzi Green uses rainfed agriculture farming practices for its food crops and a drip irrigation for its essential oils – a pioneer for sustainable farming in Madagascar.
The EUR 7.5 million combined investment by Finnfund and BIO will impact the agricultural productivity in Madagascar, which is currently lacking significant modern agricultural technology. It will increase the domestic production of corn and soybeans used in local animal feed production, reducing imports and it will improve the sustainability of the extraction processes of the essential oils.