Tozzi Green believes strongly in sustainable development in all its ethical,
social and environmental dimensions


We offer turnkey services and solutions for the development, construction and management of renewable energy power plants. We develop industrial products that generate, distribute and control electricity both efficiently and sustainably. We work with passion, precision and integrity, entering partnerships with clients, investors and external concerns and consultants, based on concrete objectives. We are a solid international concern with the hallmarks of innovation, organisation, efficiency and certainty of the results.


We work together with companies and regional agencies to create a world running on clean energy. A new growth model based on economic development, social progress and environmental friendliness. Our aim is to live better today and lay the foundations for the well-being of future generations.



“Loyalty, integrity and transparency. Care for the environment, land and people. Commitment to the well-being of future generations.”


“Experts who work with precision and care to ensure reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.”


“Consulting services and integrated customised solutions which meet the specific needs of clients, partners and investors.”


“The ability to conceive and create original solutions, through research and development, technical skills, experience and cutting-edge technology.”


“A stable, healthy company with an effective consolidated business model. A history built on tangible results, precision and professionalism.”


Aptitude for achieving concrete results by implementing strategies that utilise resources responsibly.


“Our Code of Ethics provides a guide to the conduct expected by all, orientated toward the essential values of integrity, fairness and transparency.
This compass provides bearings for our conduct and that of all the various players that interact with our company and constitutes the basis necessary to guarantee an excellent service for all our stakeholders”

“The Charter of Ethical Principles is the voluntary declaration of the company, which subscribes to these principles in its business practice in order to contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of transparency, integrity and trust for the activities carried out within and outside its organisation.”




Tozzi Green considers protecting the health and safety of its workers and protecting the environment, as well as continuously improving the company’s performance in these areas, to be an integral part of its corporate strategy, which it pursues through minimising risks and “promoting positive examples”.

Our company’s focus is directed towards the continuous improvement of operational processes, with regard to their effectiveness, efficiency, safety, and environmental impact, through the annual planning of improvement objectives and collaboration with the competent authorities within the national and international regulatory framework on sustainable development.


Tozzi Green and QHSE Values


Tozzi Green pursues a culture of quality and health and safety at work and in everyday life, engaging in a continuous process of training, discussion, and collaboration, directly involving its employees and contractors to raise awareness and provide education on issues of occupational safety and health, and to transfer knowledge and encourage new ideas for the common good and the continuous improvement of routines and business processes.

Tozzi Green has decided to join the network of Italia Loves Sicurezza (www.italialovessicurezza.it), a movement of people united by a shared passion for health and safety, who believe in the need to revolutionise the traditional methods of “communicating” these issues, favouring “channels” based on participation, engagement, and emotion. Tozzi Green has therefore promoted activities and projects, to be carried out both in-house and outside its own organisation, aimed at raising awareness of QHSE issues, during which the traditional training was accompanied by unconventional communication activities aimed at maximising people’s involvement.

The first phase of this process of cultural change ended with the definition of corporate values that inspired Tozzi Green’s new HSE and Quality Policies.