Rural electrification in Peru: Ministry of Energy and local authorities satisfied with great progress made to date (over 80 thousand panels installed)

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Thursday 20th September. Ergon Peru, a Tozzi Green Group company, has made great progress with the project “Supply of electricity from renewable energy sources in off-grid areas”, presented to Peruvian government authorities and local administrations at an event in Lima. Participants included Raúl García Carpio, Vice-Minister of Electricity at the Ministry of Energy and Mines; Mauro Marsili, Italian ambassador to Peru; Rita Suaña Coila, Mayor of the Uros Islands – Puno; Franco and Andrea Tozzi, respectively Chairman and Managing Director of the Tozzi Green Group, and Ergon Peru General Manager Angelo Coppacchioli.
The company reported the achievement of more than 80 thousand units of Solar Home System (RER Recurso Energia Renovable) installed in various rural areas in the north, centre and south of the country.
“We congratulate Ergon Peru for this progress in the installation of solar systems… we hope that (electrification) will be successfully concluded by July next year. Overall there will be about 200 thousand photovoltaic systems, thus reducing the electrification gap and continuing towards our aim of complete rural electric coverage at national level,” said Vice-Minister Raúl García Carpio.
A meaningful contribution came from Rita Suaña, Mayor of the Uros Islands – Puno: representing the almost two thousand beneficiaries in her community, she thanked the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) and the company Ergon Peru SAC for having made electricity available to the country’s remotest towns. “I am very happy about these projects being installed in highly remote areas like my community. My people are most grateful for the improvement in the quality of our lives, thanks to the availability of energy that does not pollute the environment. Now, with solar systems, our kids can study in the evening and their parents can continue with their trades, make their rafts.” In saying this the mayor underlined the fact that 480 solar panels had already been installed in her community (out of an overall 630 scheduled for completion by 2019).


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