Tozzi Green and rural electrification in Madagascar

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50 photovoltaic kits with storage donated to the rural community of Andiolava
Tozzi Green confirms its commitment to the wellbeing of the populations it collaborates with in Madagascar, presenting an intervention of rural electrification in the municipality of Andiolava, in the south of the Ihorombe region, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Hery Rajaonarimampianina, the Minister of Water and Energy, Lantoniaina Rasoloelison, and the Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Development, Neypatraiky Rakotomamonjy.
Tozzi Green has donated 50 photovoltaic kits to the families of Andiolava, giving them the chance to benefit from lighting and enough electricity to power a TV and a fridge. Each kit consists of a 120W solar panel with charge controller and battery, two 7W LED lamps, a USB socket to recharge mobile phones and a socket for household appliances such as radio, TV or fridge.
During the inauguration, President Rajaonarimampianina visited one of the private buildings where the kit has been installed and was able to see it functioning.
Tozzi Green also donated a public lighting system of 15 streetlamps powered by solar energy. The system includes a 120W panel, a 50W LED light fitting, a smart charge controller (which adjusts switch-on of the lamp in function of the presence of sunlight) and a 12V accumulator battery. Two streetlamps will illuminate the main square and the other 13 will be installed along an approximately 800 metre stretch of National Route 7 which runs through Andiolava.
The president of the Republic thanked Tozzi Green for its partnership with the Ihorombe Region, which fully satisfies the country’s sustainable development objectives. Hery Rajaonarimampianina declared: “Tozzi Green is a company that works with Madagascar, for agriculture and also to bring light… What we are doing with this company is a contribution to Fisandratana, a plan for transforming the country, which calls for a change in mentality, a rebirth”.