Tozzi Green builds and inaugurates the expansion of an orphanage in Madagascar

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A large infrastructure built by Tozzi Green was inaugurated on the morning of 14th October 2021 at the Orphanage for the orphans of the national gendarmerie in Arivonimano.

The Prime Minister of the government Christian Ntsay attended the inauguration ceremony, together with the CEO of Tozzi Green Spa, Andrea Tozzi, who came from Italy. They were accompanied by the General Minister of National Defence Richard Rakotorinina, General Serge Gelle, Secretary of State for the Gendarmerie, the European Union Ambassador and the Italian Embassy in Madagascar.
The infrastructure inaugurated was primarily designed to meet the expansion needs of the Akany orphanage: twelve new rooms with four beds each were built.

The cooperation between the Gendarmerie and Tozzi Green demonstrates the government’s willingness to work with direct foreign investors, not only for economic development but also for the improvement of the community living conditions and Tozzi Green’s goal to support the populations through the development of their territories.