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Information notice for Contacts

Who are we and what do we do with your personal data?

Tozzi Green S.p.A., located in Italy, via Brigata Ebraica no. 50, 48123 - Mezzano (Ravenna), hereinafter referred to as the Data Controller, safeguards the confidentiality of your personal data and guarantees the necessary protection against any event that might represent a risk of data breach.

For this purpose, the Data Controller implements policies and practices concerning the collection and use of personal data and the exercise of your rights under applicable law. The Data Controller is responsible for updating the policies and practices adopted for the protection of personal data whenever necessary and in any case whenever regulatory and organisational changes are made that may affect the processing of your personal data.

The Data Controller has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who you can contact if you have questions about policies and practices. The contact details of the Data Protection Officer are as follows:

Name and surname:
Mr. Alessandro Circassia
Dedicated email address:
Phone number:
+39 0544/525311

How does Tozzi Green S.p.A. collect and process your data?

The Data Controller collects and / or receives information about you, such as your IP address, personal identification data (such as name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, if any, country of origin) issued when you browse the site

It is used by the Data Controller for the management of the site and to respond to your request to receive information. Your personal data is passed on mainly to third parties and / or recipients whose activities are necessary for performing other activities related to the purposes mentioned above, and also to meet certain obligations imposed by law. Any personal data disclosure that is not relevant to these purposes will be subject to your prior consent.

Your personal data will not be disseminated or disclosed in any way to unspecified parties.

If you give your consent to receive communications of a promotional nature, your personal data is processed so that we can propose updates and special promotions and send you advertising material. The processing of your data (such as name, surname, e-mail address) may take place if:

you give your consent for the use of the data and also regarding the traditional and automated methods of communication by which the processing takes place.

The Data Controller does not transfer your personal data abroad (non-EU countries). Your personal data will not be disseminated or disclosed in any way to unspecified parties which are not identifiable even as third parties.

What happens if you don't provide your data?

The personal data concerning you and which identifies you is necessary in order to fulfil the request you have made through the "contacts" section. If you do not provide this data the Data Controller will be unable to fulfil your requests.

How and for how long is your data stored?

Your personal data is processed using electronic and telematic systems made available to subjects acting under the authority of the Data Controller and who are authorised and trained for the purpose.

Personal data is stored, if necessary, in electronic archives protected by effective security measures which adequately counter the data breach risks considered by the Data Controller for the time necessary for the Data Controller to fulfil the requests for information and to send communications of this exclusive nature in response to your request. This period may last up to a maximum of 10 years, except in cases where events occur that involve action on the part of the competent authorities, and also in collaboration with third parties / recipients who are responsible for the computer security activities of the Data Controller, in order to carry out possible investigations into the causes that led to the event.

N.B. The personal data processed by the Data Controller for marketing purposes (direct marketing, research and market research) will be kept for a maximum of 24 months by the Data Controller unless you revoke the consent you have given and/or unless you object to the processing.

What are your rights?

The rights granted to you allow you to have control of your data at all times compatibly with the time limits established for the processing of personal data concerning you. Your rights are those of:

  • access;

  • rectification;

  • erasure;

  • restriction of processing;

  • right to object to data processing;

  • portability.

Your rights are guaranteed to you without any special charges or formalities for requesting to exercise them, which is essentially free of charge. You have the right:

  • to obtain a copy, also in electronic format, of the data for which you have requested access. If you request additional copies, the Data Controller may charge you a reasonable fee;

  • to obtain erasure of the same or a restriction of processing or also the updating and rectification of your personal data and that third parties / recipients also satisfy your request in the event that they receive your data, unless legitimate reasons prevail over those that led to your request (e.g. environmental investigations and containment of the risk caused by the emergency managed through them by the Data Controller);

  • to obtain all useful information regarding the activities carried out as a result of your rights being exercised, without delay and in any case within one month of your request. This period may be extended, with justification, by up to two months in which case you will receive due notification.

  • For any further information and to send your request, please contact the Data Controller at the address:

Who can you complain to?

Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial action, you may submit a complaint to the competent supervisory authority or to the authority that performs its duties and exercises its powers in Italy where you have your habitual residence or work or, if not in Italy, in the Member State where the infringement of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 occurred.

You will be notified of any update of this information notice promptly and by appropriate means and also if the Data Controller intends to process your data for purposes other than those referred to in this information notice before proceeding and in time for you to give your consent if necessary.

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