Tozzi Green views its suppliers and subcontractors as strategic business partners with which to establish stable and transparent long-term relationships

Tozzi Green has adopted a procedure for the selection and qualification of its suppliers, as it is well aware of the importance of its supply chain for the quality of the products and services provided and for compliance with legal requirements concerning health, safety, the environment, and administrative liability.

Tozzi Green Group Procurement involves suppliers for the acquisition of:

Material Goods: group companies purchase system components from specialised suppliers for the production of electricity from renewable sources. In recent years, a significant percentage of purchases of goods has been for Solar Home System components used in the rural electrification project in Peru;

Services: these mainly concern engineering and design consultancy, maintenance consultancy, and technical, professional, legal and administrative consultancy;

Contracts: required for the construction of new plants for the generation of energy from renewable sources, for new investments, and for the maintenance of existing plants;

Support services: these mainly concern Calibration Services for Monitoring and Measuring Instruments and Equipment Maintenance Services.

Tozzi Green selects only contractors and subcontractors that are committed to observing the Group’s code of ethics and that operate in accordance with strict standards in the areas specified in Tozzi Green’s Model 231/01 and in compliance with specific quality, hygiene, occupational safety, and environmental protection requirements.

Become a Tozzi Green supplier
In order to become a supplier of the Tozzi Green Group, you need to fill out the standard forms required to be included in the Vendor List. Companies that are interested will be evaluated by Procurement and QHSE Departments.