Energy Storage

Tozzi Green produces electrical energy from renewable resources and invests in research and development. These sources, such as the sun and wind, are not available continuously and constantly.

The aims of the research done by Tozzi Green is to overcome the problem of discontinuity in renewable resources.

To achieve this we are working on accumulation systems, so that energy can be used as and when the user requires it.
For energy, we imagine an evolutionary process similar to that of computer technology: from a few large centralised computers in the 1970s to the millions of personal computers that are connected today through the Internet.
A similar path to what many theorists imagine for Europe, where in 10 years time we will have at least 10 million buildings capable of producing green energy, while in twenty years time there will be hundreds of millions interconnected through a smart grid.
While this scenario is possible today for the industrialised countries, we cannot say the same for some countries whose inhabitants have a lifestyle seriously limited by the absence of electricity.

We are concerned precisely with these populations. It is here that prompt action needs to be be taken, and here that we can make the most of our experience in distributed generation and energy storage systems.

R&D Energy storage

For many years the R&D laboratory of Tozzi Green has dedicated its efforts to the development of energy storage systems.

In particular we have integrated electrochemical batteries based on traditional technology into energy storage systems which interface with systems for energy production from renewable resources (solar or wind power). The sizes investigated range from 25 kW to 100 kW. These energy storage systems are incorporated in 20’ or 40’ containers. Thesecan be connected to the national grid in smart micro-grids, or alternatively they can be stand alone systems for those countries where the national grid does not extend to rural areas. We have created a number of pilot plants that have been operational for several years in Madagascar, in Emilia Romagna at Sant’Alberto in the province of Ravenna and in Sicily.

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