Agriculture and sustainable growth

The agricultural activities of Tozzi Green confirm a business identity passed down from generation to generation with the purpose of achieving integrated sustainable growth.

In line with the Group’s rural family roots, Tozzi Green sees productive agriculture as an essential instrument for development of the areas in which it operates.
The business strategy is underpinned by the conviction that “a surplus capable of going beyond mere subsistence triggers industrial transformation processes”
(F. Tozzi President of Tozzi Green S.p.A.)



Being aware of the role that agriculture can play in ongoing sustainable growth and development, combating poverty and ensuring food and nutritional security, Tozzi Green has started agricultural production on a large scale.

The Group has invested in industrial crops (geranium, spices) but above all in crops such as corn and soy, intended 100% for the domestic market and which enter the local alimentary chain because they are intended for feeding livestock that contributes to the growing alimentary requirements of the country (JTF is part of the World Food Program as an accredited supplier).

Enrichment of Biodiversity

In Madagascar, Tozzi Green has developed a number of crop varieties in Région Ihorombe, in the southern part of the country, in the district of Ihosy, between the municipalities of Satrokala, Andiolava and Ambatolahy.
These lands are so difficult to cultivate that they have never aroused the interest of agro-industrial operators. Crops are selected on the basis of their ability to adapt to the characteristics of the soil and the local climate.

Over the years, after a number of trials, Tozzi Green has managed to establish different types of crops. Today, where there was once only arid land destined to become a desert in the future, you can see green areas with the appearance of mammals and birds, insects, chameleons and bees. Diversification of the crops, including single plants of pineapple, fruit trees, as well as the care of gardens, have resulted in enrichment of the biodiversity which risked a progressive and inevitable impoverishment in those particular zones.

By developing crop varieties suitable for the specific nature of the region and improving agronomic techniques that make it possible to fertilise the soil by improvement of its agricultural qualities, Tozzi Green has upgraded more than 6,300 hectares of degraded marginal land, thus saving it from desertification and transforming it into fertile agricultural land.