Campo di soia in Madagascar

Synergy for growth

Tozzi Green’s project in Madagascar started and developed from the synergy between different experiences and cultures with the purpose of helping business and the region to grow economically and socially.
Data on world food requirements speak eloquently: it is estimated that the world population will be 9.5 billion in 2050 and at the moment 850 million people are destitute and without enough food to survive.

Accesso all'acqua

Socio-economic and induced impacts

The application of agricultural conservation practices on seriously degraded lands together with the creation of new ecosystems, has encouraged the development of animal species such as mammals, birds, reptiles and pollinating insects which are valuable as they enrich biodiversity.

All the activities carried out in Madagascar involve interaction and full agreement with the hosting regions,the Malagasy institutions and the population, in full observance of local laws, values and traditions.
In particular Tozzi Green has had the cooperation of the Fokonolona (village council), the villages, the Ihrombe region and Land Registry in addition to the Ministry of rural affairs and territorial planning.
Tozzi Green finances and manages projects of a cultural, economic and social type for development of the Ihorombe region, ensuring that in all its actions the Bara people are treated properly.

Studies by the FAO indicate that the average distance to water in Africa is 2 kilometres. Today water is directly available and near to families thanks to the work of Tozzi Green.


Infrastructure for the Communities

Directly and indirectly, Tozzi Green has created more than 1,500 jobs, participating in the direct improvement of the living conditions of local populations and their well-being.
In more detail the results can be summarised as follows:

construction of a modern hospital with free medical examinations for adults (75,000 examinations/year) and free treatment and medicine for children aged 0 to 5 (11,000 children treated);
construction of a school, a college, a sports field, public buildings (Town hall, New Town hall, Regional Bank) all powered by photovoltaic panels;
construction of a nursery school for the children of all the co-workers of Tozzi Green;
construction of drinking water distribution points which provide 12,000 litres of drinking water per day;
electrification of the village of Satrokala, with renewable resources;
training and development of agricultural and technical knowledge:
partnership with the Terres en Mêlées association to develop education through playing rugby;
environmental education for all the children and young people in the villages where the company has a base.