Foire Internationale de l’Agriculture, Expo Forello Tanjombato, Madagascar: Tozzi Green protagonista della “rivoluzione agricola” in Madagascar

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Tozzi Green Madagascar took part in the second Agriculture International Fair (AIF, 13th – 16th September 2018) at Expo Forello Tanjombato, presenting its intervention of positive exploitation of land in the south of the country and the socio-economic advantages deriving therefrom.
A leading figure in Madagascar’s “agrarian revolution”, Tozzi Green is carrying out mechanised agriculture on more than 6,000 hectares of land, applying specific agronomic methods in order to rehabilitate and preserve an initially deteriorated soil that had been subject to erosion.
The company has set most of the land aside for staple food crops, growing chiefly maize in rainfed agriculture, on an area of about 4,000 hectares; but legumes are also grown.
The company also grows plants, including geraniums for their essential oils, on an area of 80 hectares, employing a drip irrigation system.
After years of study and research Tozzi Green, in an ongoing evolution of agronomic methods applied for the wellbeing and productivity of the soil, has identified and developed a variety of cultures suitable for the arid and tough soils of south Madagascar.
Crop rotation is practised, favouring the sowing of legumes for the first years in order to enrich the soil – including mineral nitrogen – and improve its structure. In this way more than 6,500 hectares of virgin land have been rehabilitated and fertilised.
Over and above land reclamation, the vast areas of crops developed by Tozzi Green provide a natural barrier against forest fires, which are a veritable scourge in the southern region of Madagascar.
At its stand, Tozzi Green illustrates the species grown and the evolution/improvement of deteriorated soils by means of five display cases showing a profile of the soil in the deteriorated state due to forest fires and erosion, followed by its evolution year by year into agricultural land.
On 13th September 2018, AIF opening day, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Harison Randriarimanana visited the Tozzi Green stand, warmly congratulating the company on its activities and its driving role in the country’s agricultural development.