Tozzi Green Book


The publishing activity of Tozzi Green Book is an important, concrete turning point in the Tozzi Green Vision, which has always based its work and growth on economic development, social progress and respect for the environment, to build the foundations for the wellbeing of future generations.


Renewable Energies and New Generations

The dual concept represents the summation of the initiative. Create shared culture and knowledge through the educational tool of the fairy tale.

The target readers of Tozzi Green Book titles are school kids and their parents.

Renewable energies, the future of the new millennium, are told in the appealing form of the children’s story, the illustrated fairy tale. Solar, wind and hydroelectric energy, biomass, new agricultures, respect for the environment, the recycling habit and the use of discarded materials will become adventure themes in “Tozzi Green Book” titles.

The outline of each book is the real experience of an eco-friendly activity, that won’t be illustrated by means of the strictly educational approach but through the story, whose main characters will always be kids, and sometimes their best friends – animals.

As for books telling stories set in Italy, we will try to create ongoing characters so that readers will get attached to an emblematic recognisable figure, empathetic with young readers, having a positive and proactive attitude.


“Great adventures need two great ingredients in order to succeed.

You must be able to look close-up, see what’s going on around you.

And you must be able to see into the distance, imagine a world that functions better.”


The first book

The project “L’energia della natura” (The Energy of Nature) aims at the creation of a story conceived for a readership of school kids (third, fourth and fifth grade of primary schools) by means of the identifying elements of the Photovoltaic Meadow, which is to say the photovoltaic field in Sant’Alberto (Ravenna) where, together with energy, an actual ecosystem has been created, complete with grazing sheep, free running hares and a dairy that produces various cheeses, both fresh and matured. The book speaks, in a fun and innovative way, about the advantages and opportunities of sustainable innovation (energy, agriculture and sheep-farming), all through the combination of words and explanatory drawings. The main purpose is to teach the culture of sustainability from childhood, to invest in future enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the natural world and its potentialities.

“L’energia della natura” is a book for children, a fairy tale at once ancient and modern. A story that touches the oldest sense of the earth and the more evolved one of technology. A kids’ fairy tale that will also captivate adults.