Introducing Together – Associazione Tozzi Green ODV

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At the behest of the grandchildren of the Tozzi family, a voluntary association named Together was set up in October, with the aim of promoting and supporting environmental education through the conscious and rational use of natural resources, the substituting of energy obtained from fossil sources with all forms of renewable energy and the spreading of an ecological culture.

The association, which will pursue goals focussed on benefitting the community and promoting social solidarity by organising and carrying out activities of an educational, artistic and recreational nature, aims to raise awareness, through public events and initiatives, about safeguarding human’s relationships with the environment, with an eye to the future as well as the new challenges presented by the globalised world.

“The idea of creating Together,” points out President Virginia Lo Rizzo, “was inspired by a simple observation about how much Tozzi Green, aside from its own business interests, is doing in terms of support for local communities, cooperation and development, both in Italy and abroad. The ethical idea that lies at the heart of this way of understanding the relationship with humanity has led us to commit ourselves to the dissemination of topics, which are more relevant than ever in this new millennium, that revolve around the broad concept of sustainability. Aware that it is really the next generations that will play the key roles in relation to the near future of the earth, we will be committed to the involvement of schools, young people and their families in our activities.”

Natalia Tozzi, Vice President of the Association, is keen to specify the open and inclusive nature of Together. “We will be operating in the Ravenna area but we have no intention of establishing a closed organisation, but rather an identity that will foster the involvement of others. We are already starting partnerships with other Associations, Foundations and Institutional entities, precisely because we are aware of the fact that energy, the cross-fertilisation of ideas and a capacity for dialogue are needed to set in motion a cultural change. Although we are solidly rooted in our local area, we also want to build bridges with distant communities, such as those in developing countries, first and foremost with the children and young people of Madagascar, in order to pursue together common and shared pathways for growth.”

Together, registered with the Voluntary Organisations, has its registered office in the Municipality of Mezzano (Ravenna), via Brigata Ebraica No 50.