Tozzi Green Peru: inauguration of the new water potabilizer installed in the Loreto Region

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On Thursday 13 February in the Timicurillo Zone – 1 / Indiana District – Maynas Province – Loreto, Peru, Tozzi Green inaugurated a new water purifier. It was installed to guarantee drinking water for local communities, about 60 families who until now have been deprived of safe access to a resource of primary importance. The plant, which can purify up to 1200 litres of water per day, has been installed next to a community centre where there is also a school canteen. At the inauguration ceremony, a small gift was also given to about 60 children: the book “El Sol en Mi Casa” (TozziGreen Book editions) which aims to tell the younger generation about the project that is bringing electricity to the more remote rural areas of Peru through the use of photovoltaic panels. The book is an illustrated story written specifically for children, about their life and how it can change, about how a simple light bulb is capable of lengthening the day, in order to look at the world in another light.