More energy from the wind Tozzi Green offers leading edge solutions in the small wind turbine sector, with its 10 kW, 20 KW and 60 kW wind turbines and their unmatched performance starting from low wind speed regimes.
Green generation smart distribution Tozzi Green manufactures and markets electrical equipment, electrical panels and substations for the world market, providing innovative eco-sustainable solutions.
In the future even energy will be personal
Tozzi Green designs technologically advanced distributed energy generation systems to enhance the single micro-productions of energy from renewable sources.


Maintenance “full service” From transport to installation, all the way to routine and special “full service” maintenance: a qualified team with extensive experience in the field assists the client throughout the entire operating lifespan of the wind turbines, estimated at over 20 years.
Designing and building a green future
Analysis, design and integrated management of all the aspects of developing and creating systems set Tozzi Green apart from other EPC contractors. Find out about our services
A complete service... Tozzi Green offers a complete O&M service for small and large plants, consisting of routine and special maintenance, remote monitoring and operation and administrative management for the final customer.

A serious businessman must not think only of the here and now but act considering the future with his children and grandchildren as his horizon. This is the mentality of a winner; whoever works alongside me understands that this positive view of the world is able to produce good results for the present and a fertile soil for the future.


Making electricity available in third world countries and developing countries means creating a solid base for combating poverty. The availability of electricity is still a mirage for some populations. We want to embrace the challenge of providing electricity and light to those who are without it today.

Managing Director



Research and development, innovative ideas and solutions that look to the future. Tozzi Green operates in the energy sector in Italy and abroad, offering its services as EPC and O&M contractor for renewable energy production plants (RES): hydroelectric, maxi wind, photovoltaic, biomass and biogas installations.


“Our Code of Ethics provides a guide to the conduct expected by all, orientated toward the essential values of integrity, fairness and transparency. This compass provides bearings for our conduct and that of all the various players that interact with our company and constitutes the basis necessary to guarantee an excellent service for all our stakeholders”


"The Charter of Ethical Principles is the voluntary declaration of the company, which subscribes to these principles in its business practice in order to contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of transparency, integrity and trust for the activities carried out within and outside its organisation.”


Since 2006 Tozzi Green has been investing in agriculture for energy and alimentary purposes in Italy and abroad. This is based on the strong conviction that the combination of renewable energy, rural culture, integration, tradition, scientific research and innovation is the sustainable path for the future of the planet in view of the current world situation which requires prompt answers.
Ergon Perù, a company of Tozzi Green, in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Peru, contributes to increasing the electrical coverage of the entire country through the installation of off-grid photovoltaic systems, especially in the remote rural areas which are not reached by the national grid. Tozzi Green is thus contributing to a substantial social and economic growth of the country.