A complete capillary service for investors

Tozzi Green, through a qualified team, offers a wide range of asset management services for the management of all administrative, regulatory, fiscal and environmental obligations related to the operation of renewable energy plants.
Tozzi Green manages plant operations with a view to maximising technical and economic performance in order to prolong the useful life of plants through proper risk management.

Tozzi Green works closely with the various stakeholders involved in the life of a plant: grid operators, GSE, sector regulatory authorities; land owners; insurance companies and adjusters; O&M contractors.

The Asset Management services

  • implementation of plant operating requirements
  • drawing up the plant operating budget
  • preparation of reports on customer requirements (production, revenue, market trends, etc.)
  • analysis of plant production performance
  • verification of O&M contractor performance with a focus on availability and production guarantees.

We guarantee the optimum performance of each plant.

The Tozzi Green team chooses the tools to make the most of the energy produced by the plants, carefully monitoring the electricity market and the relevant legislation, and actively participating in the main trade associations.
Tailor-made service formulas are developed with the aim of providing plant owners with a high value-added service that meets their needs.