& Maintenance

Care of the systems is a guarantee of efficiency

The maintenance and running of a plant are fundamentally important for ensuring optimal operation and maximum efficiency.

Tozzi Green offers a complete O&M service for small and large renewable energy plants, consisting of:

  • routine maintenance
  • special maintenance
  • remote monitoring and operation
  • telecommunications service and data collection management
  • spare parts procurement and storage
  • full service maintenance

Maintenance services are provided for a wide range of renewable energy plants.









We support your energy for maximum returns.

Tozzi Green is aware that cultural change and increased awareness of life opportunities must also be supported, alongside the improvement of material living conditions.

  • general assessment of the plant
  • semi-annual and annual electrical, mechanical, and civil inspections
  • instrument testing
  • maintenance of green areas
  • cleaning of photovoltaic modules with purpose-built machinery and treated water
  • aerial and drone thermography
  • maintenance of internal road network
  • performance checking
  • maintenance work reports
  • emergency response
  • fault verification and management
  • ticket management with remote connection providers
  • compliance with regulations
  • maintenance work reports
  • implementation of monitoring systems for new and already existing plants
  • remote control of the plant
  • performance verification in real time
  • historical data analysis
  • monthly reporting

It includes all the activities described above plus access to spare parts for the plant.

Protected and maximised investments

Tozzi Green provides the owner of medium-to-large-scale RES systems with a comprehensive O&M service to protect and maximise their investment.

  • It ensures higher efficiency and yields with effective routine maintenance, prompt special maintenance and proper monitoring to maintain expected functional performance.
  • It extends the working life of the system beyond what is typically covered by main component suppliers’ warranties.
  • It reduces costs with customised routine maintenance and efficient management of the administrative side, which allows for significant savings on running costs.
  • It takes care of technical and administrative operation.