Tozzi green


The Tozzi Green Book publishing activity is an important concrete aspect of Tozzi Green’s Vision, whose work and growth has always been based on economic development, social progress and respect for the environment, in order to lay the foundations for the well-being of future generations.

Renewable Energies and New Generations

The combination of Renewable Energies and New Generations represents the essence of the initiative. Creating culture and shared knowledge through fables, used as an educational tool.
School-age children and their parents are the target readers of Tozzi Green Book books.
Renewable energies, the future of the new millennium, are presented in the captivating form of an illustrated children’s story. Solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, new agriculture, respect for the environment, the habit of re-using and using waste, become the subjects of adventures in Tozzi Green Book books.

The storyline of each book is a real-life experience of eco-sustainable activities, told through the eyes of the children protagonists, in the company of their animal friends.

“Great adventures need two great ingredients to be successful.
You need to be able to see up close, to know what is happening around you. And you need to be able to see far, to imagine a world that works better.“

The Energy of Nature project aims to create a story for primary school children (third, fourth and fifth grades), using the identifying elements of a Photovoltaic grazing meadow, i.e. the photovoltaic array in Sant’Alberto di Ravenna, where together with energy, a true ecosystem has been created, complete with grazing sheep, free-roaming hares and a dairy that can produce a number of different cheeses, including fresh and aged cheeses. The book presents the advantages and opportunities of sustainable innovation (energy, agriculture and pastoral farming) in a fun and innovative way, all through a combination of words and informative drawings. The primary aim is to educate about the culture of sustainability from an early age, in order to invest in future enthusiasts and lovers of the natural world and its potential.

“The Energy of Nature is a children’s book, a fable that is both ancient and modern at the same time. A story that touches the oldest sense of the earth and the most advanced sense of technology. A children’s tale that can also appeal to adults.