We want to embrace the challenge of providing electricity and light to those who are without it today (Andrea Tozzi)

Making electricity available in third world countries and developing countries means creating a solid base for combating poverty. The high infantile mortality rate caused by the absence of potable water and poor distribution of vaccines are among the most urgent problems that require solutions.

Thanks to electricity, it is possible to pump clean water from the deep water tables and store vaccines in refrigerators at the required temperatures. The availability of electricity is still a mirage for some populations.

The richer countries that protect the environment to a greater extent, that produce more culture and where life expectancy is highest, are also those that consume more electricity. All OECD countries rank the highest for electricity consumption while the poorest countries, all the countries of Africa, have very low energy consumption per capita: to improve the living conditions of the African continent, where the greatest difficulties exist, it is necessary to proceed urgently with electrification.

“We want to embrace the challenge of providing electricity and light to those who are without it today. We can do it with our experience in the energy sector and our knowledge of energy storage technologies.”


Ergon Perù, a company of Tozzi Green, in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Peru, contributes to increasing the electrical coverage of the entire country through the installation of off-grid photovoltaic systems, especially in the remote rural areas which are not reached by the national grid. Tozzi Green is thus contributing to a substantial social and economic growth of the country.
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The agricultural activities of Tozzi Green confirm a business identity passed down from generation to generation with the purpose of achieving integrated sustainable growth. In line with the Group’s rural family roots, Tozzi Green sees productive agriculture as an essential instrument for development of the areas in which it operates.
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Research and development, innovative ideas and solutions that look to the future. Tozzi Green operates in the energy sector in Italy and abroad, offering its services as EPC and O&M contractor for renewable energy production plants (RES): hydroelectric, maxi wind, photovoltaic, biomass and biogas installations.