Tozzi Green embraces the Open Innovation model as a strategic and cultural approach to creating value and competing in the marketplace by welcoming and developing ideas, solutions, tools and technological expertise. Tozzi Green has an in-house interdisciplinary committee for the specific evaluation and valorisation of start-ups and other opportunities offered by universities, research institutes, suppliers, inventors and consultants.

Collaboration with universities and research centres

Tozzi Green sees an integrated and concerted approach involving renewable energy, agriculture, research and innovation as a sustainable way to combat climate change and for the future of the Earth.
Tozzi Green actively collaborates with universities and research institutes.

In 2013, Tozzi Green joined the technological district in the research and development of photovoltaic panels with dye-sensitised solar cell (DSSC) technology. The association aims to maintain an active network and possible synergies with companies and innovation and research centres in the Apulia region.

Tozzi Green is a member of Clust-ER, a regional association of companies, research centres and training organisations in Emilia Romagna, whose aim is to build a network focused on renewable energy and hydrogen production.
The association makes it possible to take part in the definition of regional development strategies and to participate in calls for tenders and research projects as well as to provide regular scientific and business updates at the national and international level.

Since 2018, Tozzi Green has participated in the mentoring activities and calls for start-ups promoted by Art-Er Attractiveness Research Territory, with the dual aim of promoting open innovation within the company and supporting young companies in the field of sustainable development through mentoring.

This collaboration resulted from the delivery of a 10 kW small wind turbine as part of the Hexafloat project in the Bay of Naples. This is the first prototype floating wind turbine in the Mediterranean Sea.

This collaboration focused on sustainable mobility and electricity storage using batteries and hydrogen. As part of the project, the second hydrogen station in Italy was installed in Capo d’Orlando (ME) and the first hydrogen bicycle prototypes were built.

In 2022, Tozzi Green invested in a start-up company that aims to develop, produce and market innovative, sustainable and natural plastic-free packaging. This collaboration originates from the desire to support completely sustainable activities and businesses. In this context, with the aim of implementing the technical specifications of IUV’s products, a collaboration was initiated with IIT.

Tozzi Green collaborates with the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering by supporting thesis and internship projects that focus on the production and use of renewable energy, the design of micro-grids powered by renewable energy sources, and the installation of storage systems for renewable energy plants.

Since 2009, Tozzi Green has been collaborating with the Department of Agri-Food Sciences and Production and the Department of Agronomic Sciences and Land Management of the University of Florence in the development of energy production projects aimed at improving the soil characteristics of the areas where the Group operates its renewable energy plants. Research focuses on the selection of plant varieties that can adapt to the difficult climates in which the Group operates, including the development of advanced cultivation techniques. Research is also concerned with the identification and selection of plant species that can be cultivated in agrivoltaic systems.

As part of its activities in the development of energy production projects in the Apulia region, Tozzi Green has initiated a collaboration with the Politecnico of Bari, focusing on the evaluation and selection of plant species compatible with the agrivoltaic projects that the company is developing in the area. This collaboration also includes the evaluation of various projects related to the production of hydrogen for sustainable mobility.

Tozzi Green evaluates research projects or proposals in the following areas:

  • Renewable energy
  • Hydrogen
  • Blockchain applications in the energy field
  • Rural electrification
  • Power storage
  • Electric mobility
  • Innovative and sustainable materials
  • Precision farming
  • Agrifood

We provide energy to new ideas for a better world.

Our experience

An overview of Tozzi Green’s past research activities.

Small wind turbines

(design, construction, bench testing and experimental field testing, mass production and management of small wind turbines)

Third-generation DSSC photovoltaic panels

(Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells)

Hydrogen / Integration of energy storage technologies using electrochemical storage or with hydrogen as a carrier

(PEM electrolysers and PEM fuel cells)

Hydrogen / Sustainable mobility

(hydrogen-powered pedal-assist bicycles and mini-scooters)

Amaranth / A variety of pseudocereals that can be adapted to specific climatic conditions


We are looking for new ideas to implement innovative projects

Submit your project to us, explain it, list its benefits and beneficiaries, and demonstrate its innovative scope. Our team of experts in the Innovation Department will assess your project and its feasibility.