Photovoltaic grazing meadow

Tozzi Green pursues the idea of sustainability in all its dimensions — environmental, social and economic — as evidenced by the creation of the photovoltaic meadow in Sant’Alberto (RA), one of Italy’s largest solar farms, in terms of both installed capacity and size, as well as the only photovoltaic plant conceived for perfect integration with an extensive sheep farm;
Tozzi Green has chosen to set up an entire dairy supply chain, enhancing the local context and re-establishing a bond with local traditions. The cattle also graze under the solar panels, contributing to maintenance of the grass cover.
The photovoltaic panel structures are installed without the use of reinforced concrete foundations and in such a way as to allow free range grazing. The photovoltaic grazing meadow improves the characteristics of the soil, thanks to an accurate selection of seeds, including nitrogen-fixing legumes with their important soil fertilizing effect. In fact, one of the key concepts of the photovoltaic grazing meadow is to preserve and improve the humus.

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